Venkat Subramaniam Agile Developer, Inc.

Twelve ways to make code suck less

Come to this talk to learn about some common code smells and how to improve the quality of code.

Richard Stallman

Free software and your freedom

The Free Software Movement campaigns for computer users' freedom to cooperate and control their own computing. The Free Software Movement developed the GNU operating system, typically used together with the kernel Linux, specifically to make these freedoms possible.

Andrey Breslav JetBrains

This is beneficial: why do we need more female programmers?

The talk is focused on how to attract more women to programming and IT sphere and what needs to be done to overcome gender prejudices.

John Romero Romero Games

Quake Postmortem

A month-by-month look at the development of a game that changed the industry.

Evgeny Borisov Naya Technologies

Spring Patterns

In this talk, Evgeny will show how with the help of spring you can easily and simply implement the most popular patterns that we encounter in everyday life.

Dmitry Zavalishin DZ Systems

Digital transformation: how to jump from an abstract dream to certain tasks

The talk describes one of the possible ways of concretizing the cloud of tasks and the formation of objective metrics, based on which top management can make decisions on choosing ways to achieve the goal.

Grigori Bakunov Яндекс

AI vs. AI

Many people are interested in security problems of AI and how easy it's to deceive him, especially now, when attacks are constantly improving. Grigori will answer all questions on the subject of errors and manipulations of artificial intelligence.

Sebastian Daschner IBM

Modern Enterprise Java from the ground up

This session is dedicated to a modern Enterprise Java projects, its tools, and best practices. Sebastian will tell what technologies can be best for certain projects.

Sergey Abdulmanov Mosigra

Why you shouldn't go to the small business

The talk is dedicated to the small business: Sergey will speak about how to start this difficult deed and answer frequently asked questions on this topic.

Oleg Bartunov Postgres Professional

Professional Postgres

Oleg will show how PostgreSQL, started as an university open source project, grew into modern industrial database.

Roman Dvornov Wrike

Why Frontend is awesome

The purpose of the talk is to tell in detail about front-end for people who are not familiar with this development area and encourage them to study it further.

Igor Lukanin Kontur

Space exploration lessons for developers

In this talk, Igor will narrate a few episodes from the history of space exploration and explain what software engineers should learn from them.

Oleh Dokuka Netifi

The state of Reactive Streams

Reactive Streams overview with a survey of the current state on various language platforms and future development of the specification.

Vitaly Friedman Smashing Magazine

Privacy UX

Vitaly will be exploring privacy UX patterns, techniques, strategies and important decisions to consider when designing and building privacy-aware websites and applications.

Pavel Pleskov Point API

All about machine learning competitions

Why the finest Data Scientists spend sleepless nights, taking part in data analysis competitions? Why spend your days off on offline hackathons? What can you possibly gain from constant digging into someone else's data? Kaggle Grandmaster and Top 1 among the Russian-speaking Data Scientists will answer all those and many other questions.

Anton Arhipov JetBrains

(In)adequate technical interview

In this talk we will discuss what questions you encounter when hiring and whether these questions are adequate at all.

Pavel Chertorogov

Form a picture of the GraphQL world

Pavel will come up with the new topic from his GraphQL series of talks: there will be not only the simple explanation of the term but also a narration about what the server consists of, how to request data from it and why clients are needed.

Kirill Tolkachev CIAN
Maxim Gorelikov CIAN

Getting sh!t done in devops style

The talk is about increasing the speed of work and how we pay for it.

Ivan Yamshchikov ABBYY, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences

Pride and Prejudice. Why do we think we are smart?

Ivan will talk about the features of the "living" and artificial creations and will try to expound the difference between the brainwork of biological being and machine.

Alexander Ermakov Russian Microsoft MVP Community

Does Microsoft have a future in Russia, or why we should stop hating

The Regional Director, Alexander Ermakov, will speak about the latest and current news on the Microsoft market in Russia.

Konstantin Evteev PostgreSQL Russia

PostgreSQL Quickstart

Konstantine will speak about the current status of PostgreSQL and share the best examples of its development, and also make an overview of the infrastructure and show the architectural patterns created in Avito.

Vadim Vinnik CoreHard C++ Community

Etudes on buffering: asynchronous notifications, update replication, collation of pending requests

Three tasks arising from practice and all related to storing data in a buffer are taken as an example to show the use of modern C++ features.

Irina Matveeva IT HR

Self-esteem and inherent worth. How to stop chasing "success" and start living

Irina will talk about such hot topics as regaining self-confidence and stopping to overreact to failures and most importantly she will show what daily habits will help us increase self-esteem.

Danis Tazetdinov Mobile People Talks

AR — augmenting reality

The talk about the future of AR and about creation of tools for indoor navigation.

Alexander Denisov FlutterDev

Multiplatform Flutter. Building Adaptive UI

In his talk, Alexander will tell you how to create an adaptive responsive UI in a Flutter application.

Nina Pakshina Moscow Programmers Club

Birth, life and death of sockets (on example of Python)

Understanding basic principles of sockets and network interaction, that could help to create your own network application.

Anastasia Kazakova St.Petersburg C++ User Group

C++ ecosystem: For better, for worse

Anastasia will deliver a report that will be useful not only to experienced developers, but also to those who are just starting to understand C++. You will find a lot of information about general trends, improvements and changes, improvements and changes, especially the development in the field of finance, trading, games and embedded systems.

Dmitry Plahov SPb BlockChain Community

Comparative review of distributed register platforms

In the talk Dmitry will share the results of analysis of distributed registry: there will be a review of several frameworks, comparison of their key metrics, functional features. These studies are primarily aimed at companies that are going to develop their blockchain projects.

Nikolay Molchanov DotNetRu
Dmitry Eliseev DotNetRu

SQL\DocumentDB Battle

Nikolay and Dmitry will answer why you shouldn't use DocumentDB and RelationDB during the session.

Marina Arefyeva Transformations: Agile, Product, Technological, Digital

How developer should communicate with managers to be heard and accepted

Marina will talk about Agile transformation, master data features, benefits of selling your infrastructure products and additional moments about technologies used in marketing and HR.

Stanislav Badov COMAQA QA Community

Using the hybrid role of "Mixed QA" — a manual tester and automation tool

The talk is aimed at involving manual testers to automation. There will be a pros and cons of manual and automate testing merge.

Denis Petrov WordPress Saint-Petersburg

Electronic commerce on Worldpress: Internet shop and export of goods to Yandex.Market

Denis will share interesting tips on how to implement online trading through CMS Wordpress and with real examples he will show how to work in integration with Yandex.Market.

Alexander Kalmuk Embox

Image recognition on microcontrollers with OpenCV

Do you want to know how image recognition works on MCU? Alexander will tell you how to launch OpenCV on STM32F769I-DISCOVERY platform.

Egor Zyev PiterJS

Sidechain and off-chain in blockchain and distributed systems

The talk focuses on how to solve problems in decentralized and distributed systems, related to blockchain technology and fast transactions processing.

Alexey Tkachenko Peleng

Cosmic Testing 2.0

Alexey will present an interesting topic of space testing, talk about the structure of the satellite, architecture of the testing system and describe how an emergency in the rocket occurs.

Sergey Martynov SPb Reliability Engineering

The Four Golden Signals and Prometheus

The talk describes monitoring requests to the server, current trends in metrics and what Prometheus is.

Nikolai Muliar Go SPb

Fast launch of microservice

In his talk Nikolai will speak about the importance of fast microservices and present the template developed in his company.

Alexey Khokhulin BEM

State of BEM 2019. Evolution of big frontend

Alexey will speak about important changes in the world of BEM, about A/B testing, React and where the big frontend is going.

Anton Bondarev Embox

Launching "desktop" software on the microcontroller

This talk is for embedded systems developers which have descriptions of microcontrollers qualities, various embedded technologies, PJSIP porting experience, Qt and OpenCV.

Alexander Fatin linkmeup
Alexey Uchakin linkmeup

Round table: RuNet isolation. The truth without fiction

Thanks to incompetent media and bloggers, we all waiting for the day when Russia will be disconnected to the Internet. But we are engineers and want to understand the technical side of the issue. That's why we will gather at the round table people who know how the network works, thanks to which it works and we will discuss what is the RuNet protection law in detail.

Anton Bondarev Embox

From student craft to open-source code project. Embox experience

Anton will talk about the development of Embox project, describe the benefits of participating in open-source projects and problems connected with them.

Kirill Sergeev PiterJS

Development of microservices on Node.js. Contract dictatorship

Kirill will dedicate his talk to microservices on node.js: he will describe their main problems, talk about architecture, convince in the contract importance and give his version about how microservices will develop further.

Alexander Timofeev St.Petersburg C++ User Group

Sorry C++, but Our Package Manager is in Another Castle

Discussion of package/dependency managers in C++. Overview of solutions and problems.

Artem Zaitsev FlutterDev

Flutter. Product development experience

The talk will be about new multiplatform framework Flutter, how to use it in development, is it worth switching to it and what unpleasant moments you may encounter during the work.

Andrey Zaytsev DotNetRu

Technical interviews — a look from the both sides

Andrey will tell about all intricacies of the technical interview, how to prepare for the meeting with the interviewer, for what tests you should be ready and what do to after.

Alexey Uchakin linkmeup

DNS — it's simple!

Alexey will tell about one of the oldest and useful Internet services, about stages of its development, features and also answer questions, that will be of interest even to listeners who are not briefed on DNS.

Mark Shevchenko Moscow programmers club

GPS track smoothing on F#

Mark will present the features of the functional programming on the example of solutions to practical exercises.

Roman Gordeev Tver.IO

Toward a Distributed System

Roman will speak about how and what can replace the development approach, consisting of services connected with business processes. Also, we will consider the ways and advantages of Message-oriented middleware and Event Sourcing.

Yuri Orlov DotNetRu

Practice of adopting and applying of Coding conventions in development

Yuri will tell about the relevant topic for software developers — coding conventions within the team. Speaker will talk in detail about problems that follow the lack of convention and what rules and techniques should be used for convention automation.

Aleksandr Barmin EPAM Systems

SOLID clean code by simple examples

This talk will be about clean code and SOLID principles as basic approaches to the development of reliable and extensible systems.

Vitaly Slobodin IT61

How to create your own community

Vitaly will tell about meetups organization, what issues you will face in this question and how to solve them.

Polina Kharchenko IT HR

We will call you back: who are HR and why do we need them

The talk will highlight the HR issues, how important processes happens from within, what to expect in the interview and why the internal HR can be useful for everyone.