JUG Ru Group

Organizing the largest conferences and meetups for developers in Russia has been at the heart of our company for many years. Our main goal is the development of Russian IT engineers' community. We achieve it by providing developers with opportunities for exchanging experience and for networking.

Therefore, only technical talks are included in our program which is formed in such a way as to gather and unite enthusiastic developers who are willing to share their experience and discuss solutions of challenging problems and projects.

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Mikhail Druzhinin
Mikhail Druzhinin Amazon
Anatoly Kulakov
Anatoly Kulakov Paladyne Systems
Anton Semenchenko
Anton Semenchenko DPI.Solutions, EPAM
Sergey Ryabov
Sergey Ryabov Mobile Consultant
Kristina Borodulina
Kristina Borodulina JUG Ru Group
Evgeny Kot
Evgeny Kot Wrike
Avenir Voronov
Avenir Voronov EPAM
Maxim Arshinov
Maxim Arshinov HighTech Group
Vladimir Sitnikov
Vladimir Sitnikov Netcracker
Oksana Miroshnichenko
Oksana Miroshnichenko JUG Ru Group Program Coordinator