Electronic commerce on Worldpress: Internet shop and export of goods to Yandex.Market

The purpose of the talk is to tell about how to easily implement Internet trading on CMS Wordpress.

How import and export trade happens. How you can create a full store on Wordpress: not just the adding of products, but how to make the working product that will bring orders.

We will analyze several sales channels: SEO optimization and online store integration through Yandex.Market. For SEO the plug-in configuration and the creation of templates for product cards will be analyzed. For goods, integration will be considered a plug-in for synchronizing store goods and Yandex.Market (for what points should be paid attention for Yandex verification).

Beginning developers, freelancers, and businessmen will learn how online-trading process on Wordpress is going on and they will understand that with CMS you can safely conduct business with thousand goods.

The talk will be reviewed in the real cases.

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Denis Petrov

About 8 years in IT. During this time he was engaged in webpage slicing and development on Wordpress, prototyping, optimization for search engines, a couple of years he set up contextual advertising. Last 2 years he has been developing a B2B portal for enterprise, before the development he created all internal interconnections and displayed it on interactive prototype through Axure. Now he's a self-employed entrepreneur and takes orders for ready-made website development: from prototype to working product. In some projects Denis is a developer, in some, he's a project manager. For the past six months, he has been studying Ruby on Rails and doing applications.

Denis Petrov WordPress Saint-Petersburg