Round table: RuNet isolation. The truth without fiction

During the panel discussion we will think over the next questions:

  1. From what threat we should be protected, how real they are?
  2. Is it possible to simply turn off (technically) the Internet in any country from the inside or outside?
  3. If they still turn it off, what will break?
  4. What technical means are offered to protect the RuNet? How effective they are?
  5. How does all this affect the lives of ordinary people?
  6. Are there any similar laws?

Discussion participants:

  • Dmitry Moldavanov. CTO of "VAS Experts" DPI СКАТ platform developer. They specialize in the development of solutions in the field of traffic control and analyze;
  • Dmitry Petrov. CEO of "Komfortel", which provides communication services to providers and corporate clients;
  • Michail Klimarev. COO of the Internet Protection Community. Author of Telegram channel @zatelecom.
  • Vartan Khachaturov, crypto enthusiast.

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Alexey Uchakin

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