Oleg Bartunov

Postgres Professional

Co-founder and CEO of Postgres Professional company, a vendor of PostgreSQL DBMS in Russia. Oleg is one of the three major contributors to PostgreSQL from Russia. Member of PostgreSQL Foundation.

Oleg graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Faculty of Physics) in 1982, since then worked as a researcher in Sternberg Astronomical Institute of MSU. Oleg is a professional astronomer, and his first acquaintance with PostgreSQL was connected with astronomy projects. Since 1996 Oleg has been involved in developing and promoting of the PostgreSQL DBMS in Russia. Oleg's PostgreSQL contributions include the locale support, GiST, GIN and SP-GiST extensibility infrastructures, full text search, KNN, NoSQL features (hstore and jsonb) and several extensions including fuzzy search, support for tree-like structures and arrays.

Oleg is also known for maintaining the most popular Russian internet resource on popular astronomy, astronet.ru. He was among leading developers of Rambler — the famous Russian internet portal.